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About us

AvidQuest is a female-owned tour operator that provides sustainable travel experiences in Africa. The company was founded in with a team  with a passion for promoting social responsibility and minimizing the environmental impact of tourism. We offer tailor-made itineraries for high-mid range solo travelers, women travelers, scholars, photographers, family, and group travelers.

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AvidQuest's experiences

include safari trips, cultural & eco-tours, beach holidays, photographic & documentary safaris, mountain climbing, and sports activities like Sportfishing, Skydiving, Golf courses, etc, Our safari trips provide personalized experiences in Africa’s national parks, game reserves, and conservation areas. AvidQuest also organizes beach holidays in eco-friendly accommodations, mountain climbing expeditions, customized sports activities, etc.

AvidQuest is committed to sustainable tourism and supports local communities by partnering with small, locally-owned eco-conscious accommodations and initiatives like the Maasai Girls Project. We prioritize social responsibility and aim to showcase Africa’s rich cultural heritage while promoting responsible travel practices.

AvidQuest has been building a reputation for excellence in sustainable and personalized travel experiences. We are continuing to innovate and provide exceptional travel experiences in destinations like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya

Why Choose Us?

Best Guides

Our Guide have more than ten years of experience. They will show you to the real life changing safari experience.

Excellent Service

We give you the top notch service, from the moment of planning your safari to the real adventure.

Tailor-Made Tour

We don’t offer a rigid scheduled tour! All tours can be customized to meet you interests.

Experienced Staff

They will give you the best destination advice. You will have to tell us your wishes and our team will do the rest.